Days 8-10: Doctor Who Scarf Progress

My scarf is coming along wonderfully–I passed the half-way mark on Day 8! Yay! I had 55% completed after the time I put in that day. Here’s Day 8’s picture progress.


Unfortunately, I didn’t get around to even putting in half an hour on Day 9.

Day 10 progress has been interesting. My scarf is 62% complete! I’ve having some trouble with the scarf percentage tracker right now, so I’m unable to include the percentage image. Also, I have been watching Jessica Jones while working on my scarf. I started watching it last week, and I finished it this evening.

I would first like to mention that I never imagined I could genuinely fear a character portrayed by David Tennant. I’m keeping this post spoiler-free (even though the show has been out for a little while now), so I won’t elaborate there. Those of you who’ve seen it–you know what I’m talking about. Now, I find that I end up categorizing antagonists into 3 groups: those who have an allure, those who make a decent villain, and those who exemplify what I most fear. Rather than get carried away here, I’ll write a villains post in the future to expand upon my statement. Right now, I’ll state that David Tennant as Kilgrave falls into that third group for me.

Now, here’s the part I find interesting. Most of the time, my multi-tasking skills are functional when I crochet–I’m able to do so while also watching whatever show I have on, and it runs smoothly. Now if there’s a fight scene, it’s not uncommon for me to stop crocheting while allowing the fast-paced events to distract me. While watching Jessica Jones, I discovered something new. A particularly violent encounter was unfolding in her apartment, and I crocheted through it. What was different was I was crocheting vigorously. Usually, my crocheting is calm and even. Once in a while, I “speed crochet,” which is where I crochet faster than normal while maintaining a relaxed fluidity. This was not speed crochet–this was a violent exaggeration of crochet. I was so involved in the scene that the way I crochet reflected that. I imagine it looking completely ridiculous–I’m not even able to come up with something to compare it to right now.

I think that’s enough rambling for now. Here’s what I accomplished on Day 10.



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