Days 11-14: Doctor Who Scarf Progress

I shall begin by saying that today is technically Day 16. So, why doesn’t that match the title? We’ve spent the last few days switching to a new internet service provider. In all honesty, I’m not bothered if I have to go completely without internet for a few days, and this transition did leave me with 24 hours of absolutely no connection. Rather than ramble about that, let’s get to the real reason I’m sharing this: my scarf progress.

I got a lot done on Day 11–I spent close to 8 hours total on it. Mind you, this was spread out over about 12 hours, so I had a fair amount of break time in there, but it was definitely more progress than I had made on Day 10 (I barely managed to fit in 3 hours that day). So here’s Day 11’s progress photo.


Day 12 was another productive day–I spent around 6 hours on it then.


Day 13 was tough–I had approximately 10 hours of crochet work left (not including weaving in the ends and adding the tassels), and I woke up determined to finish it on that day. I hit a snag: my left hand–the hand that guides my yarn while holding my project–started feeling strained, so I borrowed my mom’s compression glove. I noticed a lack of circulation to my fingers but no help to my hand (although it’s probable the glove is supposed to be worn to prevent strain, not ease what I already have). While I got a lot done on this day, I was not able to finish my scarf because I had to take frequent breaks (I was at the point where I couldn’t do more than 5 rows without stopping for a few minutes).

It had also been my original intention to share a post on Day 13; however, I decided I’d hold off on it to give my hand some reprieve. This is where I was at the end of Day 13.


It’s Day 14, and I had less than 4 hours of crocheting left (yay!). After that, weaving in the ends took about 2 hours, which is my least favorite part–it’s not uncommon for me to complete several crochet projects and then have a “weaving party,” in which I do nothing but weave in ends on however many projects I have. Then the tassels. I officially completed it on this day, but I didn’t take a photo because I wanted a photo wearing it (it was dark when I finished it, and the lighting in our house isn’t great, so I wanted a picture outside). That’s why my post title stops at Day 14. Day 15 was the day I got a photo, and it’s also the day we switched internet services. We didn’t have a connection until today, which is Day 16. Today I also had to drop it off at the fair.



Imagine standing outside in sunny, slightly humid, 80+ degree weather in a scarf designed for a giant. I will confidently say that my scarf is significantly longer than the original. Is that an issue? Hardly. All it means is there’s more scarf for scarf for me!!!

I am in love with it–I put it on immediately after I finished. Complete fan girl moment. My hands were shaking, I was breathing heavy, and I started doing a happy dance while also squealing. The household was asleep during this. I am also the only Whovian in our house. My attempts at conversion continue to fail (I offered to name our home network either Gallifrey or Raxacoricofallapatorius, but neither of those went over well). On a side note, they love the scarf and think it’s beautiful. The fair volunteers (retired grandmothers) who were collecting and categorizing the projects were in love with it, too. They said it’d be perfect to bundle up in if our winter’s really cold. My mother also suggested wrapping me in it like a mummy. At least the uninitiated I’ve encountered recognize and accept it as a functional and attractive accessory.




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