Rose Garden Shawl

As I anxiously await the start of the local fair (the first day is Wednesday), I’ll be sharing the progress of a project I’ve been working on periodically for several months now. I stumbled upon the pattern quite some time ago and knew I had to make it. It’s called the Atlantic Lace Shawl, and it was created by the talented Esther. She describes in her post where she got the idea for the pattern and in addition to including the written pattern in the post, she also has pdf files available for it.

The shawl is gorgeous, and I went to my local yarn store right after I discovered it. At that point, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to use similar colors or if I wanted to go a completely different route. For a while, I tried different shades of blue–blues are my favorite followed closely by purples. I tried finding combinations in both those color groups (even tried blue and yellow), but none of them were satisfying the image I wanted (even though I didn’t actually know what it was I was looking for). So, I decided to try something different–I decided to intentionally look for colors I don’t normally go for, and that is how I found exactly what I wanted: green and pink.

Calmly sitting on one of the shelves was a soothing, grass green and a feminine, pale pink from Cascade Yarns in just the right amount–I couldn’t believe how lucky I was. The yarn is the Ultra Pima Fine 100% cotton. The body of the shawl is being worked up in the green, and the border will be pink. Because of my color choices, I call my shawl a rose garden shawl because it reminds me of soft pink roses surrounded by their striking green leaves. Note: I am not renaming nor claiming the pattern as my own simply because I used colors that differ from the ones used in the original pattern.


I bought the yarn and started the shawl with the intention of having it completed in time for spring. Obviously, that didn’t happen–some other projects wiggled in, projects with “deadlines.” By “deadlines,” I mean that I had to have them completed in time for a holiday or as a gift. I’ve been working on the Atlantic Lace Shawl a little bit at a time since January, I think (may have been February). Anyway, I’m thrilled to say that I just finished row 84 today! Yay! Only a few more rows of the green, and I’ll be starting the border!



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