Want To See All Of Time And Space?

Yesterday, my friend and I took a trip to visit the TARDIS.


Look at how majestic it is!!!

Best. Day. Ever. *heavy breathing*


My friend and I were tethered to each other for a while, but it wasn’t too bad. That scarf is long enough to allow us to wander off a decent distance–the Doctor could use this to keep companions from wandering off. ūüėČ

We spent at least an hour taking photos and geeking out with Mike, the man who built the TARDIS. He designed it as a bus stop for his grandson–there’s a space heater inside, and the bus driver knows that when the light on top is turned on, then he’s inside waiting for the bus. How ridiculously awesome is that?!?! He has a facebook page–I think it’s called the Beloit TARDIS. I haven’t checked it out yet, so I’ll have to do that soon. He was telling us about how he’s currently working on a Dalek and that he wants to eventually add a Weeping Angel, too. *squeals* He also wants to put up a projector on his front lawn and show Doctor Who episodes during the summer. He doesn’t have immediate plans for that yet, but it’s something he’s looking forward to.


Yep. My scarf is long enough to wrap around the TARDIS. How awesome is that?!?!

My friend has not seen Doctor Who (a travesty, I know), but she was having a blast–the energy of our conversation was contagious. Even though she wasn’t able to follow everything we were saying (she knows a few things from conversations with me), she loved how openly passionate we were when we were talking about the show. Mike shared stories about some of the people who have stopped by, and the common denominator is the genuine joy and enthusiasm that’s expressed by everyone who pulls up. He loved my scarf and encourages others to dress up for photos.


I was so excited that my friend actually managed to get photos of me holding my new sign upside down followed by photos of me laughing as I fixed it. That sign was actually a gift–Mike had an assortment of them laying out in the drive that he had recently painted, and he told me to pick one out. It says, “we’re all stories in the end.”

I had a fantastic time! I plan on going back at some point–I’d love to get a winter photo in my scarf with the snow on the TARDIS. How amazing would that be?


Yarn, Yarn, Yarn!

Have I mentioned there’s a yarn discovery tour going on in my area? No? ¬†Well there is, which means I’ve been buying more yarn. Yay! I should also mention that this is my first time participating in one of these events, and I am loving it! This year, there are 15 shops on the tour, 3 of which are less than an hour from me. Those are the ones I’ve visited so far. Since there are only a few days left in the tour, I probably won’t make it to all of them before the last day of the tour, but that doesn’t mean I won’t stop by in the future.

I’m a regular in the one store–I live less than 10 minutes away. That’s how I found out about the tour. I hadn’t even known these things existed. Apparently, some areas call them yarn crawls–that phrase conjures the image of zombie women crawling on all fours reaching out for balls of yarn that continue rolling ever so slightly out of reach. No idea why that’s the image I get when I hear “yarn crawl,” but that’s what I see. I like “yarn discovery tour” better.

Now, on to the yarns! While I’m frequently purchasing yarn from my local shop, I had to make a purchase during the tour to get a stamp. I found some yarn for Christmas projects–a scrumptious blend of alpaca and merino in a navy blue and a bright blue.


It was first time visiting the other 2 shops. I made it my goal to purchase yarn that is not available at the shop closest to me. The first of the 2 shops (and the one second closest to me) had a lot of brand overlap, so I had to look a little harder to find something not available to me in my shop. I can say that, compared to my shop, this shop had a more shawl pins and button options. After a fair amount of browsing, I finally settled on this vibrant superfine alpaca. I picked it because of the color–I can’t get enough of it!


The third shop was a lovely surprise–most of the yarns available there are a local brand yarn! These yarns are unique to the shop; you can only purchase them from this shop! How awesome is that?!? I think she offers them through her website, but I’m not certain. Anyway, I had the worst time deciding, and I finally picked a gorgeous BFL yarn in an explosion of colors. I have every intention of returning to her shop for more yarn in the future–I had a briliant image of an ombr√© shawl or poncho using 4 colors she has there.


This yarn isn’t one of her brand yarns, but none of the other shops I’ve been to so far offer BFL yarn. This was my first time feeling BFL yarn–it’s softer than I expected!

I have some patterns in mind for these already, so I’ll be sharing them once I get started!

The TARDIS and a Rose

I have a few exciting things going on. First, I just finished crocheting a beautiful birthday present for a relative–one of my cousins commissioned it from me. I won’t share a picture yet because I don’t want the recipient (whose birthday is in November) to accidentally stumble upon this. All I will say is that it is gorgeous!

Second, one of my close friends found a TARDIS on some guy’s front lawn while working (she mows lawns for a landscaping company). She told me that, the next time we hang out, we’ll have to go check it out.

I immediately imagined how the events of that day would unfold. We’d meet up and drive over to this guy’s house. I’d be wearing my scarf along with that crazed fangirl look, wide eyes and an almost unnaturally wide, toothy grin. We’d arrive, I’d stumble out of the vehicle, and I’d run up to his door, probably tripping over my scarf once or twice along the way (think Bilbo Baggins “I’m going on an adventure!”). I imagine I’d ring the door bell and knock on the door, while radiating excitement as I waited for him to respond. Once he did, I would ask if I were allowed to take pictures with the TARDIS. In my head, I’d be hoping I’d ask in a calm and mature tone, but it would probably come out sounding like “CANITAKEPICTURESWITHYOURTARDISPLEASE?!?!?!?!?” In every scenario I’ve imagined, I’ve been granted that permission, and it has made my day.

Well, my friend sent me a picture of this handsome blue box, and wouldn’t you know there’s a sign next to it. It not only grants me permission to take pictures, it also requests that I also sign a guestbook.¬†Yesssss!!!


I’m moderately certain my friend took this picture on her phone. She has given me permission to share it here. ūüôā

Isn’t it magnificent? I seriously cannot wait to see it in person!!! Obviously, I will have pictures from the visit, and I will be wearing my scarf!

And now, a Rose.


This beauty blossomed while I was dog watching in the owner’s garden, so it was a week or two ago. It had been a bud the entire time I was there, and there had been two long-lasting storms during my stay. It stormed on my first night there and my last night. On my last morning, I took the dogs outside, and I saw she had finally opened up. It was the perfect day for her to wake.

The TARDIS and a Rose.

Celebrate: Two Completed Projects!

I’m ecstatic! I’ve accomplished quite a bit since my last post. I’ve made progress on my¬†Rose Garden Shawl–I’ve officially finished with the main body, and I have the first row of the border done! Progress is slow for this one, but I’m getting there.

I’ve also completed 2 projects! Both come from free patterns available on Rescued Paw Designs. I crocheted the¬†Andy Cowl¬†using 1 skein of Malabrigo Rasta and the¬†Victoria Button Scarf¬†using 1 skein of an alpaca/tencel blend from a local alpaca farm. Mind you, neither of these 2 projects were projects I already had started. I began and completed both of these after I posted¬†this post¬†a few days ago, which means I still have those other projects I’m working on.

So, here’s what I did. For the Andy Cowl, I was a teeny bit worried because I wasn’t sure if I’d have enough yarn for the project. Malabrigo Rasta has approximately 90 yards–the yarn used in the pattern consisted of 92 yards. I wasn’t sure how much yarn was used in the original, so I wasn’t sure if I’d have to adjust the pattern if I ended up not having enough.


As David is no longer at my disposal as my model, I enlisted the talents of this fluffy, Valentine’s Day Bear.

Turns out, I had more than enough yarn for this cowl. I actually added a few more rows so I could use up as much of the yarn as possible, which made my cowl a little wider. I didn’t add any buttons, though. I didn’t have any on hand I wanted to use, and I’m quite fond of how my cowl looks without buttons.


I picked out the alpaca/tencel blend because I figured it’d be perfect for the Victoria Button Scarf. It’s 150 yards in a color I’m calling Stormy Seas. There are a variety of deep, shimmery blues with the slightest hint of white every so often.


I knew I’d have more than enough yarn for this scarf and when I saw how easy the repeat was, I just kept going until I ran out of yarn. I didn’t put any buttons on this one either. I guess it’s a personal preference. Although both the Andy Cowl and Victoria Button Scarf look great with buttons.


To close, the obsevations I made while dog watching over the weekend have showed me that there is nothing is more threatening than a frog in the pool.

Carpet Petting and a David Bust

Now, I¬†know you’re wondering about that title–how could you not be? That’s the point, right?

Well, on the rare occasion I go to Lowe’s (either on my own or with someone else), I gravitate toward the gardening section. Usually, I don’t inform the person I’m with that I’m wandering off–I just do. I catch a glimpse of green out of the corner of my eye, and I’m gone. Once I arrive, I walk up and down every isle feeling the leaves on all the plants, smelling the flowers, then smelling the leaves on the plants without flowers.

It just so happened that the other day my mother asked me if I wanted to join her on her trip to Lowe’s to pick out a new light for the kitchen. Of course! So, we get there, and she tells me we aren’t going to be there long enough for me to wander through the plants. Apparently, she already had a light picked out–we were going in to grab it and check out. Know how the Doctor says, “don’t wander off?” I wandered off to the carpeting section.

I touched every carpet sample in every color and each time the fibers of a different piece met with my fingers, I giggled. I imagine I got some strange looks from the guys working there; however, I can’t say for sure because I was too absorbed in petting every carpet.

On a different note, I made an error in¬†this post. If I remember correctly, I said I was working on 3 different projects: a dragon using crochet thread, a shawl using alpaca/tencel lace weight yarn, and a scarf using alpaca yarn I purchased at the fair from a local alpaca farm. I forgot about my¬†Rose Garden Shawl! That means I actually had 4 projects in progress, but I’m proud to say I’m now down to 3! Check out my completed alpaca scarf!


It was 88 degres and humid today.

Today was such a lovely day, so bright and sunny! I just had to take pictures outside! Although, I managed to snap these when the sun snuck behind some clouds. I don’t have a bust or a dress form yet to display my work for photo purposes yet, so I figured I’d make do with lawn furniture.


Obviously, this chair was cold and needed to be bundled up.

I should mention that I have been dog sitting for the last few days, and these photos were taken at the owner’s house. The garden at the house has a variety of vibrant blooms, many of which attract butterflies and hummingbirds (in addition to the charming bumblebees and hard-working honeybees)!



I figured these 3 pictures would be enough. They came out well enough. It wasn’t until a few hours later when I remembered there’s a bust in one of the rooms of the house. I call it the David because that statue is the first thing I think of whenever I see the bust, even though it doesn’t actually look like the real thing. He doesn’t look quite symmetrical (his eyes are wonky, like one is starting to melt down his face). Anyway, he had no way of objecting to posing with this awesome accessory, so I dressed him up!


Look how glamorous I am as I gaze awkwardly over my shoulder.

My next thought was to crochet a hat while I’m here so I could dress him up some more–we’ll see what happens tomorrow. The dogs don’t really like when I crochet, and they make sure I know it. They seem to think that my yarn is a toy to be played with–as soon as I get it out, I have 2 noses climbing on my lap trying to figure out what this new thing is. Soon after that, they’re trying to take it from me. When it comes to me and my yarn, I am Gollum, and yarn is my Preciousss.


Check me out ladies and gents!

It’s a Crochet Day!

Those who know me know that it’s not uncommon for me to have several projects going at once–I do it because I need variety. Repeating the same stitch and looking at the same color for extended periods can become tedious, so I break it up (although, there are some days when I have no trouble spending hours on the same projects).

Right now, I have 3 projects going. The first one is a shawl, and I’m using a beautiful, pale blue lace weight alpaca/tencel yarn that my grandmother purchased for me from a craft fair. I started this project after the yarn sat in my yarn drawer for almost 8 months. This is one of those instances where, since the yarn was not purchased with a pattern in mind, a perfect pattern must be found for the yarn. Once I found it I got to work, and I plan on sharing some photos when it’s finished.

My second project is a crochet dragon using size 10 crochet thread. This one is slow going–there are so many details, and I have to attach as I go (otherwise I won’t know what the pieces are, although I guess I could label them). I think I’ve spent close to 8 hours on it, and I’m still only finishing details on the head.

My third project is a chevron scarf. The pattern was created by The Stitchin’ Mommy and can be found¬†here. This is my first chevron crochet project. I think they look cool but until yesterday, I hadn’t tried one. As I mentioned¬†in my previous post, there was a tent at the fair selling yarn from a local alpaca farm, and I purchased some yarn from them. The yarn transitions from a bright red to a vibrant green. When I bought it, the hank was twisted so that the red and green were touching–it reminded me of Christmas. What I noticed (but didn’t immediately pay attention to), was that there’s a bit of orange and a bit of yellow.


See how the red fades into orange then meets the faded green (which appears yellowish) before transitioning to green? Then it repeats! I know it sounds silly, but watching the repeat as I crochet thrills me–red, orange, yellow, green, yellow, orange, red! I no longer see Christmas when I look at it. I think of a flower bouquet or even something tropical.


Fair Days and New Yarn!

I’ve spent the last few days at the fair, and I’m considering going back tomorrow. I know there are people who will tell me I’m missing out, but I haven’t eaten any fair food this year–I haven’t even gotten a lemonade shake. I recognize the appeal, but I haven’t had the desire. Anyway, it’s more important to me to see my entries on display and to pet the animals (I am the person who sticks her fingers in the the chicken and rabbit cages to pet them even though there are warning signs saying not to).

This year, I entered 7 items: 2 photos (neither of which got a ribbon) and 5 crocheted items (4 of which ribboned). I crocheted a border around a fleece scarf. It looks cool but didn’t ribbon. Someone crocheted an edge around a pair of baby socks, and they came out beautifully! Those socks got the blue ribbon in that category. The beret I entered got an honorable mention, and my plush octopus toy got a white ribbon. I also entered a shawl and my Doctor Who Scarf, both of which were awarded red ribbons!

I am thrilled about the items I entered this year, not because of the awards (although I’m not complaining that I received some) but because they’re the creations I’m most proud of this year. I wouldn’t have cared if I hadn’t been awarded anything because these are my projects–all that matters is I be proud of my work.

And now…YARN!!! I’ve been on a bit of a yarn binge. I purchased some gorgeous yarn from a local alpaca farm; they have a tent at the fair. I purchased a natural milk chocolate brown yarn with bronze sparkle in it and a dyed yarn with red, orange, and green. Both of them are super soft (they are alpaca), and I can’t wait to crochet with them! I also¬†purchased some beautiful, hand-spun merino yarn from a woman who sells her yarn at the fair. It transitions from stormy blue and grey to a muted red and brown–the colors remind me of storm clouds rolling in as the sun is setting. So beautiful! I don’t have pictures of these yarns right now, but I hope to soon!

The yarn I do have pictures of is yarn I’ve recently ordered off of¬†etsy. The first shop I ordered from is¬†Alice in Stitches Arts. I ordered 2 yarns from this shop–one is a¬†yak/silk blend, and the other is a¬†camel/silk blend. I’ve been wanting to crochet using yak and camel for a while now, and I’ve spent some time looking for something for a reasonable price. I’ve found camel and yak fiber for a decent price, but I currently do not have a spinning wheel. I do have a drop spindle, but I feel that yak and camel are too luxurious to spin on a drop spindle, not to mention my spindling skills are not proficient enough yet. I need to practice more before I spin either of those fibers.

So, I found these two blends. I should mention that the shop does have 100% camel yarn and 100% yak yarn. I chose not to purchase these options for a few reasons. First, the beautiful cream color of the yak/silk blend is not an option in the 100% yak yarn, which is only available in chocolate brown. While that color looks scrumptious, the natural cream would work better for me (dark brown makes me look washed out). I also wanted the sheen that silk provides. Check them out!


Yak/silk yarn


Camel/silk yarn

I got my other yarn from¬†Robin J. Edmundson‘s etsy shop. It’s hand-dyed 100% silk, and the color is called¬†Aurora. It’s absolutely stunning! I cannot wait to crochet with it!