Fair Days and New Yarn!

I’ve spent the last few days at the fair, and I’m considering going back tomorrow. I know there are people who will tell me I’m missing out, but I haven’t eaten any fair food this year–I haven’t even gotten a lemonade shake. I recognize the appeal, but I haven’t had the desire. Anyway, it’s more important to me to see my entries on display and to pet the animals (I am the person who sticks her fingers in the the chicken and rabbit cages to pet them even though there are warning signs saying not to).

This year, I entered 7 items: 2 photos (neither of which got a ribbon) and 5 crocheted items (4 of which ribboned). I crocheted a border around a fleece scarf. It looks cool but didn’t ribbon. Someone crocheted an edge around a pair of baby socks, and they came out beautifully! Those socks got the blue ribbon in that category. The beret I entered got an honorable mention, and my plush octopus toy got a white ribbon. I also entered a shawl and my Doctor Who Scarf, both of which were awarded red ribbons!

I am thrilled about the items I entered this year, not because of the awards (although I’m not complaining that I received some) but because they’re the creations I’m most proud of this year. I wouldn’t have cared if I hadn’t been awarded anything because these are my projects–all that matters is I be proud of my work.

And now…YARN!!! I’ve been on a bit of a yarn binge. I purchased some gorgeous yarn from a local alpaca farm; they have a tent at the fair. I purchased a natural milk chocolate brown yarn with bronze sparkle in it and a dyed yarn with red, orange, and green. Both of them are super soft (they are alpaca), and I can’t wait to crochet with them! I also purchased some beautiful, hand-spun merino yarn from a woman who sells her yarn at the fair. It transitions from stormy blue and grey to a muted red and brown–the colors remind me of storm clouds rolling in as the sun is setting. So beautiful! I don’t have pictures of these yarns right now, but I hope to soon!

The yarn I do have pictures of is yarn I’ve recently ordered off of etsy. The first shop I ordered from is Alice in Stitches Arts. I ordered 2 yarns from this shop–one is a yak/silk blend, and the other is a camel/silk blend. I’ve been wanting to crochet using yak and camel for a while now, and I’ve spent some time looking for something for a reasonable price. I’ve found camel and yak fiber for a decent price, but I currently do not have a spinning wheel. I do have a drop spindle, but I feel that yak and camel are too luxurious to spin on a drop spindle, not to mention my spindling skills are not proficient enough yet. I need to practice more before I spin either of those fibers.

So, I found these two blends. I should mention that the shop does have 100% camel yarn and 100% yak yarn. I chose not to purchase these options for a few reasons. First, the beautiful cream color of the yak/silk blend is not an option in the 100% yak yarn, which is only available in chocolate brown. While that color looks scrumptious, the natural cream would work better for me (dark brown makes me look washed out). I also wanted the sheen that silk provides. Check them out!


Yak/silk yarn


Camel/silk yarn

I got my other yarn from Robin J. Edmundson‘s etsy shop. It’s hand-dyed 100% silk, and the color is called Aurora. It’s absolutely stunning! I cannot wait to crochet with it!



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