The TARDIS and a Rose

I have a few exciting things going on. First, I just finished crocheting a beautiful birthday present for a relative–one of my cousins commissioned it from me. I won’t share a picture yet because I don’t want the recipient (whose birthday is in November) to accidentally stumble upon this. All I will say is that it is gorgeous!

Second, one of my close friends found a TARDIS on some guy’s front lawn while working (she mows lawns for a landscaping company). She told me that, the next time we hang out, we’ll have to go check it out.

I immediately imagined how the events of that day would unfold. We’d meet up and drive over to this guy’s house. I’d be wearing my scarf along with that crazed fangirl look, wide eyes and an almost unnaturally wide, toothy grin. We’d arrive, I’d stumble out of the vehicle, and I’d run up to his door, probably tripping over my scarf once or twice along the way (think Bilbo Baggins “I’m going on an adventure!”). I imagine I’d ring the door bell and knock on the door, while radiating excitement as I waited for him to respond. Once he did, I would ask if I were allowed to take pictures with the TARDIS. In my head, I’d be hoping I’d ask in a calm and mature tone, but it would probably come out sounding like “CANITAKEPICTURESWITHYOURTARDISPLEASE?!?!?!?!?” In every scenario I’ve imagined, I’ve been granted that permission, and it has made my day.

Well, my friend sent me a picture of this handsome blue box, and wouldn’t you know there’s a sign next to it. It not only grants me permission to take pictures, it also requests that I also sign a guestbook. Yesssss!!!


I’m moderately certain my friend took this picture on her phone. She has given me permission to share it here. 🙂

Isn’t it magnificent? I seriously cannot wait to see it in person!!! Obviously, I will have pictures from the visit, and I will be wearing my scarf!

And now, a Rose.


This beauty blossomed while I was dog watching in the owner’s garden, so it was a week or two ago. It had been a bud the entire time I was there, and there had been two long-lasting storms during my stay. It stormed on my first night there and my last night. On my last morning, I took the dogs outside, and I saw she had finally opened up. It was the perfect day for her to wake.

The TARDIS and a Rose.


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