Yarn, Yarn, Yarn!

Have I mentioned there’s a yarn discovery tour going on in my area? No?  Well there is, which means I’ve been buying more yarn. Yay! I should also mention that this is my first time participating in one of these events, and I am loving it! This year, there are 15 shops on the tour, 3 of which are less than an hour from me. Those are the ones I’ve visited so far. Since there are only a few days left in the tour, I probably won’t make it to all of them before the last day of the tour, but that doesn’t mean I won’t stop by in the future.

I’m a regular in the one store–I live less than 10 minutes away. That’s how I found out about the tour. I hadn’t even known these things existed. Apparently, some areas call them yarn crawls–that phrase conjures the image of zombie women crawling on all fours reaching out for balls of yarn that continue rolling ever so slightly out of reach. No idea why that’s the image I get when I hear “yarn crawl,” but that’s what I see. I like “yarn discovery tour” better.

Now, on to the yarns! While I’m frequently purchasing yarn from my local shop, I had to make a purchase during the tour to get a stamp. I found some yarn for Christmas projects–a scrumptious blend of alpaca and merino in a navy blue and a bright blue.


It was first time visiting the other 2 shops. I made it my goal to purchase yarn that is not available at the shop closest to me. The first of the 2 shops (and the one second closest to me) had a lot of brand overlap, so I had to look a little harder to find something not available to me in my shop. I can say that, compared to my shop, this shop had a more shawl pins and button options. After a fair amount of browsing, I finally settled on this vibrant superfine alpaca. I picked it because of the color–I can’t get enough of it!


The third shop was a lovely surprise–most of the yarns available there are a local brand yarn! These yarns are unique to the shop; you can only purchase them from this shop! How awesome is that?!? I think she offers them through her website, but I’m not certain. Anyway, I had the worst time deciding, and I finally picked a gorgeous BFL yarn in an explosion of colors. I have every intention of returning to her shop for more yarn in the future–I had a briliant image of an ombré shawl or poncho using 4 colors she has there.


This yarn isn’t one of her brand yarns, but none of the other shops I’ve been to so far offer BFL yarn. This was my first time feeling BFL yarn–it’s softer than I expected!

I have some patterns in mind for these already, so I’ll be sharing them once I get started!


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