Want To See All Of Time And Space?

Yesterday, my friend and I took a trip to visit the TARDIS.


Look at how majestic it is!!!

Best. Day. Ever. *heavy breathing*


My friend and I were tethered to each other for a while, but it wasn’t too bad. That scarf is long enough to allow us to wander off a decent distance–the Doctor could use this to keep companions from wandering off. 😉

We spent at least an hour taking photos and geeking out with Mike, the man who built the TARDIS. He designed it as a bus stop for his grandson–there’s a space heater inside, and the bus driver knows that when the light on top is turned on, then he’s inside waiting for the bus. How ridiculously awesome is that?!?! He has a facebook page–I think it’s called the Beloit TARDIS. I haven’t checked it out yet, so I’ll have to do that soon. He was telling us about how he’s currently working on a Dalek and that he wants to eventually add a Weeping Angel, too. *squeals* He also wants to put up a projector on his front lawn and show Doctor Who episodes during the summer. He doesn’t have immediate plans for that yet, but it’s something he’s looking forward to.


Yep. My scarf is long enough to wrap around the TARDIS. How awesome is that?!?!

My friend has not seen Doctor Who (a travesty, I know), but she was having a blast–the energy of our conversation was contagious. Even though she wasn’t able to follow everything we were saying (she knows a few things from conversations with me), she loved how openly passionate we were when we were talking about the show. Mike shared stories about some of the people who have stopped by, and the common denominator is the genuine joy and enthusiasm that’s expressed by everyone who pulls up. He loved my scarf and encourages others to dress up for photos.


I was so excited that my friend actually managed to get photos of me holding my new sign upside down followed by photos of me laughing as I fixed it. That sign was actually a gift–Mike had an assortment of them laying out in the drive that he had recently painted, and he told me to pick one out. It says, “we’re all stories in the end.”

I had a fantastic time! I plan on going back at some point–I’d love to get a winter photo in my scarf with the snow on the TARDIS. How amazing would that be?


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