Days 5-7: Doctor Who Scarf Progress

These last few days have been a little slower. It’s a good thing I got ahead some on Day 4. Here are my progress photos.


End of Day 5 Progress


End of Day 6 Progress


End of Day 7 Progress


It looks like I’ll have extra time tomorrow, so I might be able to get ahead of schedule again.


Days 3 & 4: Doctor Who Scarf Progress

A shortage of time prevented yesterday’s entry, so I’m including it in today’s. I spent about 4 hours working on it yesterday. Definitely looking more like the real thing.



Today, I managed to fit in around 6 hours worth of crocheting. My scarf is officially longer than I am tall. I have 11 days left before I need to have it done–I stated in an earlier post that I had until August 27–I actually have to have it done and ready to drop off on August 26. I am ahead of schedule, so I’m pleased with my progress.


Here’s the percentage of how much I currently have done: <img src=’′&gt;

Day 1: Doctor Who Scarf Progress

This is a short post–a progress update with a picture.

I can officially say that my crochet marathon has begun! I spent approximately 4 hours on my scarf today (I might spend a little more time on it after I post this). The following picture demonstrates what I have done so far.


If I’ve done my math correctly, I can spend less than 4 hours on it each day and have it completed in time for the fair. Yay!

Here’s my progress so far in percentage format: <img src=’′&gt;


Dawn of an Escapade

Today shall forever mark my plunge into the diverse blog ocean. As I type this, my site is rough. I’ve personalized a few things–the photo in my header was taken by me while on vacation a few years ago–and I have a lot to go. However, I’ve decided that’s enough personalizing for now–a blog isn’t much of anything without a post.

Without further ado, allow me to introduce one of the many reasons why I chose to start blogging: to share my love of crocheting. As a quirky individual who happens to be a Whovian, I will finally be making my own replica of Tom Baker’s most famous accessory. In the event you have no clue what I’m talking about, let me assure that only the most passionate individuals would intentionally choose to wear it: a scarf long enough to get caught and be dragged in everything.

This is where I did most of my color-matching research. In addition to the pattern, the site includes recommended colors in different yarn brands and weights. As I don’t like mixing yarn brands in a project, I wanted all my colors to come from the same brand (not an easy task). I’m also on a time crunch: my not-even-started scarf has been entered (by me) into my local fair to be judged. I drop the scarf off at the fair on August 27, so ordering yarn online would not benefit me as the days I spend waiting for the yarn to arrive at my doorstep are days I could be crocheting.

So, why am I spending precious crochet time on a blog? I’m going to map my progress here, and I shall begin by sharing my chosen colors. I will be using Vanna’s Choice by Lion Brand. I’m not a fan of acrylic and would have preferred wool; however, cost and time were my greatest motivators. Following the yardage specifications in the link I shared in the previous paragraph, I got more than enough yarn in every color for less than $50 (I think my final cost was $40-$45). My colors are (from left to right starting in the top row): chocolate, eggplant, charcoal grey, honey, olive, cranberry, and beige.IMG_2628-1

Here’s today’s progress: <img src=’′&gt;

My goal is to update it daily with that day’s progress.